Diversity Our Strength

We invite you to join with us where "God is still Speaking", and grow in the faith as we worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Pastor Will Inspire You!

Moderator - Bruce Ellwood

Vice Moderator - Tom Mees

Clerk - Jean Petterson

Treasurer - Carol Barry

Financial Secretary - Nancy Morse

Assistant to Treasurer & Fin. Secr. - Paul Inskeep

Endowment Treasurer - Ray Markle

Spiritual Life - Frances Rodriguez

Missions & Education - Devan Endlich

Stewardship & Finance - Jennifer Hughes

Building & Grounds - Paul Inskeep

Memorial Committee - Jeanne Harris

Historian - Lois Nelson

Women's Fellowship - Jean Petterson

Website Minister - Anjanette Ellwood

Men's Fellowship - Bruce Ellwood

Child Development Center - Ethel Wagenblast

Shoe Box Mission - Terry Bowersox

Information Technology - David Schulz

Organist / Choir Director

George K. Mohammed

2016 Church Staff and Officers

God's Love Our Bond

Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ

of St. Petersburg, Florida

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Our Service starts at 10:30 AM every Sunday, and typically lasts for about an hour.  Worship is a time when we collectively and individually have a sacred conversation with Divinity.  We speak to God through hymns and prayers, and He speaks to us through Scripture and the Spoken Word.  We experience memorable moments as we participate in the religious rites of worship which enrich our bodies, minds, and spirits.  We hope that you leave our church knowing that the Lord has laid His hands on you and placed something within you enabling you to make it through the week.  We welcome you and wish you God's speed!

Church Services